Betty Gilpin and Snow Tha Product Gave Me All The Inspiration On ‘TRL’

The best faces to wake up to

Talk about a great way to wake up -- my queens Betty Gilpin and Snow Tha Product brought all the inspiration I needed to TRL this morning.

Betty Gilpin, star of Netflix's Glow, dove deep in her imagination when TRL host Sway Calloway directed her in a game of "Doin' Too Much Theater." When Sway asked Betty to act out how to get a taxi driver to stop talking to her, Betty's idea was pure brilliance. You bet I'll be trying that next time I wanna chill in a taxi.

Hip-hop artist Snow Tha Product sat down with Sway and got real about her journey in the industry, revealing how much the environment has changed since her first album Unorthodox in 2011. I love how honest Snow Tha Product was, especially about how much hard work and humility it took for her to get where she is. Up your work ethic by hearing from Snow Tha Product below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.