Lovatics Send Their Love and Support To Demi Lovato Following "Sober" Release

Fans are praising Demi's courage and bravery

Demi Lovato released an unannounced song Thursday morning called "Sober," an intimate ballad detailing Demi's recent struggles with addiction and sobriety. Lovatics, Demi’s passionate fanbase, immediately responded with supportive messages across social media, promoting the hashtag #WeLoveYouDemi.

Many fans noted Demi’s courage in choosing to share this information publicly.

Demi’s courage will continue to help others in similar situations, others pointed out.

As amazing and touching as “Sober” is, Lovatics made it clear that they shouldn’t be focused on sales and chart numbers. “Sober” is about the message.

Most importantly, Demi’s most supportive fans told her that they won’t leave her side and continue to be proud of her bravery.

It’s been encouraging to see such a positive, supportive response to “Sober.” I’m hopeful that Demi sees #WeLoveYouDemi posts to know that sharing her experience was worth it.