I Won't Be Shamed For Loving "Hooked On A Feeling" By Jacob Sartorius

And you shouldn't be either

Yes, I am in my twenties and yes, I do believe that "Hooked On A Feeling" by Jacob Sartorius is a certified bop.

Jacob Sartorius, a 15-year-old heartthrob singer to his legions of young fans, doesn't get a lot of positive attention from folks around my age. But once I listened to Jacob's new single "Hooked On A Feeling" this morning, I knew I had to say something. This track is relatable to people of all ages in a way that his pre-teen focused, viral music video for "Sweatshirt" two years ago was not.

Now, Jacob's sound has matured while staying catchy as ever on "Hooked On A Feeling." His lyrics point to his obsessive feelings over a girl, thinking about her nonstop throughout the day. Considering Jacob's been dating Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown, that makes the song all the more fun. Give Jacob a chance and get hooked on "Hooked On A Feeling" below!