Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons Explains His LGBTQ Allyship On 'TRL'

From his 'Believer' documentary to his Love Loud Festival

Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons rolled into TRL this morning for a very Pride Month-themed chat about his LGBTQ allyship.

It felt like a YouTube storytime video, as Dan explained how getting kicked out of college played a part in his views on religion and sexuality. The story is funny, but it's also really meaningful to hear how passionate Dan is to make the Mormon religion more accepting to all people and lifestyles. This passion has led to his documentary Believer, premiering on Monday, June 25 on HBO.

In addition to Dan's work to raise awareness via Believer, he's also the man behind the Love Loud Festival, a benefit concert in its second year in Salt Lake City, Utah. Ultimately, Dan hopes to reach beyond existing LGBTQ folks and allies to change Mormon culture. I'm so on-board with Dan's missions, which you can learn more about below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.