Backstreet Boys Returned To 'TRL' For A Full-Blown Reunion Special

And they took over the TRLevator!

Twenty-five years after their inception, the Backstreet Boys came back home to TRL this morning and took a look back at where it all began.

Before joining TRL host Sway Calloway in the studio, the guys took over the "TRLevator," surprising fans with impromptu performances. To say that the MTV office was shooketh is putting it lightly -- some of the BSB fans were speechless!

No boy band has lasted as long as the Backstreet Boys, who recently dropped their first single in five years, "Don't Go Breaking My Heart." Sway asked the guys how they've been able to stick together after 25 years, and Kevin's answer made my heart melt.

Sway tortured the guys by showing them their old outfit choices and making them reflect on just how questionable they were. It was a cruel and unusual punishment, until Sway got roasted with his own vintage look!

The Backstreet Boys' TRL reunion really came together as Sway surprised the guys with three fans they had previously met decades ago on TRL. These fans, around 15 years old when they first camped out to meet the Backstreet Boys, were as excited as ever to see their original teen crushes. See their reunion in the clip below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.