Years & Years Breaks Down Everything That Led To 'Palo Santo' On 'TRL'

How did Rihanna get an early listen?

Though I've had their new album on repeat all week, Years & Years gave TRL host Sway Calloway the rundown of everything that's led into their long-awaited sophomore album Palo Santo.

Starting off, the guys recap what led members Mikey Goldsworthy and Emre Türkmen to find each other in pursuit of starting a new band back in 2010. From there, Mikey met frontman Olly Alexander, sharing with Sway the hilarious tale of figuring out Olly could sing.

Prior to the release of Palo Santo, the band met Rihanna during a taping of The Graham Norton Show. Turns out she got an early taste of the album, as Olly gave her the first printed Palo Santo vinyl. Rihanna's reaction to the gift was just as sweet as you'd expect.

Sway had the Years & Years guys decode the videos they've released so far from Palo Santo, zeroing in on the collar Olly wears while navigating the city of Palo Santo. Olly and Sway had different interpretations of what the collar meant, but Olly came through with a metaphor, saying the collar is like an onion with plenty of layers to unpeel.

Palo Santo is inspired in large part by Olly's experience with queer relationships, but its themes can apply to anyone. Sway asked Olly to give advice to straight folks who want to support their LGBTQ peers, so get Olly's tea on what makes a good straight ally below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.