Joan Grande's Twitter Stanning For Daughter Ariana Is Always Iconic

I stan a mother-daughter bond

Ariana Grande's mom, Joan Grande, deserves the award for most supportive mother of a pop star -- at least when it comes to Twitter.

For the past couple of days, Ariana has been teasing lyrics from her next single "God Is A Woman," which ELLE says is "more about taking agency in the bedroom than at the office." Joan reacted to one of those tweets, making it a true mother-daughter moment of feminism and body autonomy.

This supportive tweet doesn't stand alone, though. As Ariana prepares to release her fourth studio album, Sweetener, on August 17, Joan has been actively promoting and praising her daughter's hard work. These moments are just a sample of the most iconic Joan tweets of the Sweetener era.

When she saw Ariana's billboard for "No Tears Left to Cry"

Joan got her followers in the mood for Ariana's new era, three days before the release of the lead single.

When she FaceTimed Ariana's grandmother on release night

Peep the "No Tears Left to Cry" sweatshirt on Nonna, just hours before the single came out.

When she tried her best to promo "No Tears Left to Cry" with a video

Joan may have experienced some technical difficulties when posting a video for the single... or, maybe she just knew I'd find it funny and wanted to play with my emotions.

When she declared that liking "No Tears Left to Cry" means you have great taste

This fan couldn't stop listening to the new single, and Joan defended their music choice.

When she couldn't fault Ariana for professing her love

Joan complimented Ariana in pretty much every way, sounding like the proudest mom ever.

When she became an iTunes charts watcher

The moment Ariana had three songs in the top five on iTunes, Joan bestowed her with the "queen of pop" title.

When she wished she could go back and record every moment

Even though she doesn't have a recorded history of everything, Joan's everlasting love for Ariana is "like a handprint on [her] heart."

When she said what any kid, famous or not, wants to hear

The bond between Joan and Ariana couldn't be stronger.