Troye Sivan and Ariana Grande Pretend Nobody's Watching In "Dance To This" Video

Nobody does awkward choreography better

Troye Sivan invites Ariana Grande to a not-so-private dance party in their "Dance To This" music video, which I've been eagerly awaiting since the song first dropped on June 13. It's a coming-together of two pop icons known for being internet-fluent and conversational with their out-there fanbases. TRL recently looked back at what led to Troye and Ariana's collaboration after years of stanning for each other in an edition of Behind the Bop.

The "Dance To This" video focuses on Troye's performance in an eerie community center, where nobody's enjoying his seemingly unwelcome dance moves... that is, until Ariana jumps up and joins Troye in their equally iconic oversized outfits, eventually driving everyone else out of the room. The video's awkward choreography and dark lighting sync well with the song's laid back vibes. Dance along with Troye and Ariana in the "Dance To This" music video -- or get out of the community center.