The One Direction Fandom Reflects On The Group's Eighth Anniversary

How are you celebrating #8YearsOfOneDirection?

It might not be an official holiday, but One Direction's eighth anniversary is upon us and their fandom has taken to Twitter to celebrate.

Instead of just taking the day to profess their favorite One Direction songs, the most passionate members of the group's fanbase are using this anniversary as an opportunity to reflect on their years of fandom. To outsiders, fandoms are abstract and obsessive. To those within them, however, fandoms are communities in which fans bond over a shared interest.

Many One Direction fans shared how being a part of the fandom has allowed them to make friends with folks they otherwise never would have met.

They've got a whole lot of (midnight) memories that have racked up over the past eight years.

Though One Direction became a foursome and isn't actively working together, there's still a lot of support for all the members.

And despite those solo careers, the #8YearsOfOneDirection hashtag proves the fandom is still alive and nearing a full decade of stanning.

A lot has changed over the last eight years, for both the guys of One Direction and their passionate fans.

No matter what, though, One Direction will always be home.