Bo Burnham And Elsie Fisher Explain How They're Kinda The Same Person On 'TRL'

Who cares about being popular, anyway?

After Bo Burnham and Elsie Fisher hung out at TRL this morning, it was clear that they're basically living the same lives twelve years apart! When Bo, the director of the must-see film Eighth Grade, was in middle school, the internet was just starting to change the way that teenagers experienced growing up. But for Elsie, the film's star, there is no middle school without the internet. Bo explained to TRL host Sway Calloway how this confusing new world for today's teenagers inspired his new movie.

Elsie then told Sway how starring in Bo's film hasn't satisfied the rules of being popular in high school. That isn't too far off from how Bo experienced high school, since he chimed in that going viral on YouTube didn't make him more popular, either. These two might be introverts IRL, but their talent shines online and on the big screen.

Sway closed off the show passing the mic to Travis Thompson, a Seattle rapper whose album YOUGOOD? just passed a million streams on Spotify. Check out the up-and-comer spitting bars below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.