This Very Tall Halsey Stan Kneeled At Her Concert And Is Now Famous

He's 6'10" and watched the concert on his knees

There's nothing worse than a blocked view at a concert, but a very tall Halsey fan is totally willing to help ease that struggle.

The fan, who goes by @CG_MusicFan, went to Halsey's concert outside of Portland yesterday and caught a lot of attention online during and after the show. At 6'10", he did his best to not block the way for everyone else by kneeling during Halsey's set. Another attendee, Haley, snapped a pic of the tall fan and commended his effort to remain small.

After Haley's tweet gained a lot of attention, Halsey caught wind of the tweet and recognized the man in the picture from her meet & greet. Just from their short interaction, Halsey could tell he was "sweet" and "amazing," before he even spent her concert watching from his knees.

CG_MusicFan responded to Halsey's tweet -- and I'm so glad the internet was able to find him. He made it known that he always tries "very hard not to block people's views at concerts" and that he was grateful for the "kind words" folks had spoken about him on Twitter.

In response to people who called him "old," he declared himself a proud 42-year-old Halsey stan. In fact, his age even came up during his meet & greet, in which he told Halsey, "I may be old, but I was raised on Biggie and Nirvana, bought their albums in high school," a nod to the lyrics of her early hit "New Americana."

This is the wholesome story that stan Twitter needed. All the respect to CG_MusicFan, Halsey and everyone who does their best to create a good concert experience, regardless of height or age.