Zhavia Ward's Debut Single "Candlelight" Is Everything I've Been Waiting For

She's burning brighter than ever

Zhavia Ward may have not taken the crown in the finale of The Four earlier this year, but she's certainly on her way to pop royalty with the release of her debut single.

"Candlelight," released overnight, is the first solo single from Zhavia since she signed to Columbia Records in May. Despite not winning the FOX singing show, Zhavia's got a strong, passionate fanbase that's been eagerly awaiting her music, and they couldn't be more pleased with "Candlelight."

Showcasing the powerhouse vocals that made her stand out on The Four, "Candlelight" is slow and light on instrumentals, while the vocalist sings about leaving her inner candlelight burning. Zhavia's burning brighter than ever with this first taste of new music, with an EP set to be released in August. Check out Zhavia's vocal perfection on "Candlelight" below.