Sabrina Carpenter And Buddy Explain What's Behind Their Music On 'TRL'

Find out why Sabrina's new name is "Medusa Carpenter"

All my dreams were fulfilled this morning with two faves, Sabrina Carpenter and Buddy, coming by the TRL studio.

Sabrina--or "Medusa" Carpenter as TRL host Sway Calloway calls her--shared why guys turn to stone in the music video for her current bop "Almost Love." For her current era, Sabrina is at the helm and making music that fulfills her personally. That's all culminated in an album titled Singular, and Sabrina explained to Sway why that was the perfect name for the project.

Buddy, who just released the video for his single "Trouble On Central," hung out with Sway and went behind the scenes of writing the track. Turns out, Buddy was listening to Unknown Mortal Orchestra's "So Good At Being In Trouble" and instantly knew that was a perfect lyric for his own song. Buddy even sang that line from the song and his voice was as smooth as ever!

Sway played the most adorable video that Buddy's dad posted online in support of his son and his music career. Closing out the show, Buddy took his rightful place performing some Breakfast Bars on TRL. Watch Sway turn up to Buddy's rhymes below, just like I did watching from home. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.