AUX CORD: 10 Tracks For Your H&M Back To School Playlist 2018

All the back to school anthems from Khalid, Selena Gomez and more

As much as I'd love summer to last forever, back to school season is underway and the pressure is on to serve looks this fall. Instead of just looking fierce this year, make sure to sound fierce, too, with H&M's Back to School playlist. Check out the ten tracks, pick your faves and add 'em to your own playlist!

1. "Ghost," FRANKIE x Scott Hoying

If the first day of school doesn't turn into a full-blown musical number like in the video for "Ghost," I'm going back home. Literally can't stop watching FRANKIE and Scott and their squads interact.

2. "Bad Liar," Selena Gomez

Selena plays all the lead characters in her video for "Bad Liar," and I can't imagine having to live as more than one high school student. Just watching Selena get distracted by her crush in science class is giving me allll the feels.

3. "Focus," Ariana Grande

There's no question that "Focus" is a perfect shower song before the first day of classes. I'm ready to hype myself up, get pumped and walk into school as confident as I've ever been.

4. "Grown," Chloe x Halle

When Chloe x Halle sang "Mama look, I'm grown now," I felt that. It feels like elementary school was last month, but here I am, another grade older.

5. "I'm Upset," Drake

If my high school reunion isn't as hype as Drake's Degrassi reunion, I'll be upset, too. I can't even imagine what my friends and I will act like in ten years from now.

6. "Young Dumb & Broke," Khalid

School's out in Khalid's video for "Young Dumb & Broke" and I'll be rewatching every day to keep me going till the last day of classes. Anyone else willing to name this song our generation's anthem?

7. "Fancy," Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX

The next time I'm bored in class, I'm calling Iggy and Charli to turn up my entire high school. I'm kinda doubtful they'll answer, but if all else fails, I'll do my best to recreate their choreo myself.

8. "Teacher," PRETTYMUCH

I'm certainly not qualified to be the PRETTYMUCH boys' teacher, but I'm honored they'd even ask. I'll be keeping their performance of "Teacher" on TRL on repeat all school year long.

9. "Shake It Off," Taylor Swift

I'll always support my school's marching band, but I'd become a marching band stan if they do a rendition of Taylor's "Shake It Off." I mean, the instrumental is basically begging to be performed on the football field, so it's only fair.

10. "Find Me," Marshmello

Let's be real: you haven't lived until you've ridden a mattress down a staircase. That's just one of the many crazy antics Marshmello teaches me in the video for "Find Me."

Bonus: "...Baby One More Time," Britney Spears

You didn't really think H&M could make a back to school playlist and not put schoolgirl Britney Spears in it, right? Britney for prom queen!

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