The Kid Version Of Troye Sivan and Ariana Grande's "Dance To This" Is The Cutest Video Ever

Caden and Anaiiyah are the new Troye and Ariana

As if I couldn't stan the "Dance To This" music video from Troye Sivan and Ariana Grande any more, director Jake Wilson just recreated it -- but with kids in every role.

Jake, who broke the internet last year with his all-boys recreation of "New Rules," did a stunning job of making his "Dance To This" video a spot-on replica of the original. 10-year-old Caden Adamonis and 7-year-old Anaiiyah Reyes totally channel Troye and Ariana, respectively, in their outfits, dance moves and overall vibes.

Troye and Caden both do the most awkward yet charming wiggle dance all by themselves -- though do I dare say that Caden out-wiggled Troye?

Ariana and Anaiiyah have both perfectly mastered the hair flip, my personal favorite moment from the kid version.

And once the room clears out and it's just the two of them, both duos hopped on the tables in what looks like the most fun music video shoot ever.

I'm absolutely living for this; as one Troye fan pointed out on Twitter, maybe the kids did it even better?!

I love and support both versions and I'll be watching both on repeat till the end of the year. Check out Jake Wilson's kids version of "Dance To This" below!