I'll Be Watching This 28-Second Teaser Of LOONA's "favOriTe" All Day


LOONA fans have been shouting "stan LOONA!" from their Twitter rooftops for months, and now that I've seen the teaser for their debut single as a group, I'm joining the rally cry.

The promo clip for "favOriTe," which will be the first single with every LOONA member, is a culmination for fans who've been anticipating this moment since 2016. For the past two years, LOONA has been debuting each of its twelve members with concept albums alongside each member announcement. With the last member, Olivia Hye, announced in March, the full group is ready for their close up.

The teaser opens up with a new animation of LOONA's logo, which incorporates each of the member's associated colors -- another part of their major, two-year marketing stunt. Fans absolutely lost it knowing that the group's debut is official.

Then, HeeJin appears center-screen, welcoming fans to all her group members. It's extra meaningful, since HeeJin was the very first LOONA member to be announced back in 2016.

There's only a tiny preview of the actual song, but from what they've given us so far, "favOriTe" sounds like a bop. I'm ready to join the Orbit -- the official name for LOONA's fanbase -- ahead of their debut single release. Hop on the #LOONABlastOff before it's too late.