Mason Ramsey Is Living A Dream Come True On 'TRL'

Mason's got some serious vocal talents

He's not just the Walmart yodeler anymore -- he's Mason Ramsey, and his dreams are coming true. The rising star sat down with TRL host Sway Calloway and outlined all the amazing opportunities he's had since his video singing and yodeling in Walmart went viral. Now that he's signed to a major label, Mason has taken the stage at music festivals like Stagecoach and scored a selfie with Justin Bieber. But he's got more dreams to make happen, like his ideal collaboration that he revealed to Sway.

As Mason told Sway, he's the one who pointed out to his team that his Famous EP's title track was the record's standout single. It truly encapsulates Mason's wild year, and he took the TRL studio by storm with a pitch-perfect performance of the track. Hear Mason's serious vocal chops below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.