LOONA Prove Why They're My OT12 In "favOriTe" Music VIdeo

The Orbit has a LOT to stan

After dropping a "favOriTe" teaser last week, LOONA has officially blasted off as the most iconic twelvesome out there.

The Orbit -- LOONA's fanbase -- has been waiting for the group's lead single with all twelve members since each member began being announced in 2016. Now that the gals are all here, the Orbit was ready to meet their OT12 -- their one true twelvesome, a play on OTP or one true pair.

Once HeeJin welcomes us to LOONA's new era at the video's start, the full group shines with just how in sync they are, from outfits to vocals to dance moves. While vocal and visual distribution isn't equal amongst all members, it's the presence of each and their equal dedication to nailing the "favOriTe" choreo that makes them the perfect OT12 to stan for. Plus, there's more LOONA on the horizon with more opportunities for the less-represented girls to have their moments.

Aside from just the instantly-iconic video, the track itself is bouncy, loud and fun. Both the song and the video are stan-worthy on their own, but the combination of the two makes for a legendary lead project. Check out "favOriTe" below and make it your fave new song and video.