Laura Harrier and Omari Hardwick Delivered It All On 'TRL'

Two icons, one episode

As if I wasn't already the president of the Laura Harrier and Omari Hardwick fan clubs, my love for both of them grew stronger after they dropped by TRL this morning!

Turns out, Laura's TRL appearance was a long time coming, as fans pointed out she was once in the background of an episode with the High School Musical stars. Yep, that's a glow up for Laura, who's starring in the upcoming movie BlacKkKlansman.

TRL host Sway Calloway challenged Laura to play Doin' Too Much Theater, where she had to act out outlandish yet relatable scenarios. Finally, I got to see someone get as visibly emotional as I do when someone takes the last tater tot. Give Laura all the taters!

Omari Hardwick, lead on the Starz series Power, is more than just a stellar actor--his rap skills are not to be messed with! He showed them off to close out TRL this morning, delivering a top-notch version of Breakfast Bars. Check out Omari's verses below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.