Debby Ryan and Nina Dobrev Absolutely Slayed These Games On 'TRL'

It's all fun and games on 'TRL'

There's always fun and games going on in the TRL studio, but nobody came out on top more than the duo of Debby Ryan and Nina Dobrev on this morning's show. Debby, who's starring in the new Netflix show Insatiable, spent much of her childhood in Germany, so TRL host Sway Calloway put her bilingual skills to the test, seeing if she could name the original English titles of flicks he translated to German. Despite the challenge, it was clear Debby knows German better than I know English.

Sway got a chance to ask Debby about Insatiable, too, getting her take on the creative approach the show takes to tackling the issues of modern day high school students. Debby describes the show with the phrase "don't judge a book by its cover," because you never know what great qualities you might be missing in someone. Check out why Debby's so excited about Insatiable below.

Since Nina Dobrev is starring in the new film Dog Days, Sway challenged her to play Good Dog Bad Dog. While Nina was totally write that ~every~ dog is a good dog, she had to guess whether or not each doggo would commit an act of good or bad. See just how well Nina faired below! TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.