Pretty Sure Ben Schwartz & Big Boi Just Became BFFs With Sway On 'TRL'

Two iconic guests, one iconic episode

Ben Schwartz and Big Boi might be an unlikely pairing, but both made for amazing guests with TRL host Sway Calloway this morning.

I never expected the level of hilarity that occurred when Sway interviewed Ben about his new movie Blue Iguana -- or at least tried to, between Ben's jokes and jabs that had the whole studio laughing. Ben even turned the table on Sway, posing the most difficult question of all: which would you choose to win, between an Emmy, GRAMMY, Oscar or Tony Award? (Please never make me pick an answer to that question.)

Though I knew Ben was a comedian, I never knew how much I'd be laughing at Big Boi, too! Sway had the prolific rapper take the Bar Exam--but not the kind you're thinking. He had to decode some of his most iconic verses, including a line about Michael Strahan's smile on his 2017 track "Mic Jack." Get the answers behind Big Boi's lyrics below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.