'TRL' Got A Queen-Worthy Makeover For Nicki Minaj's Presence

It was truly no holds barred

Not a light went un-chandeliered as Nicki Minaj dropped by a Queen-themed TRL set to spill some secrets ahead of her MAJOR performance at Monday's upcoming Video Music Awards. The rapper sat down with host Sway Calloway to discuss her fourth studio album and reminisce on some classic MTV moments, with a few surprises thrown in!

First, Nicki answered the question from TRL host Sway Calloway that everyone's been dying to know: did she tell Drake about his "Barbie Dreams" bars before she dropped Queen? With her signature guilty face, she reveals that she did not--but she assures us they're still cool, because Nicki and Drake will always be close.

Though some members of Nicki's team wanted "Barbie Dreams" to start the album, she chose to put "Ganja Burn" first, explaining that it embodies the royal journey Nicki has taken on her way to release Queen--including a very public breakup with fellow rapper Meek Mill. Nicki opened up about the track (which just got the music video treatment) and the process of putting her mindset to song, and how she planned to go a year without dating... until Nas happened. Hear Nicki's take on both of those relationships below.

Next, Sway went to the MTV Vault and pulled out a clip from Nicki's sickening performance of "Anaconda" at the 2014 VMAs, getting her live reaction to her first major VMA moment. From all the memories she could've told, Nicki was most reminded of how she got a #FLAWLESS necklace from Beyoncé shortly before taking the stage. I'm ready for more Nicki history to be made when she kills it yet again at the VMAs this Monday!

Before Nicki had to go, Sway had a surprise in store for her, allowing some of her scholarship recipients the chance to thank their queen in person. Naturally, things got pretty emotional! Check out Nicki's reaction to meeting the students below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET, and the MTV Video Music Awards airs live Monday, August 20th at 9:00pm ET!