Jenna Marbles Gave Julien Solomita A High Ponytail And He Had An Ariana Grande Moment

Ariana Grande is quaking!

Ariana Grande may have given her ponytail a break at the VMAs, but Jenna Marbles made sure we still felt its presence in her latest YouTube video.

Jenna blessed her boyfriend, vlogger Julien Solomita, with a collection of vibrant yellow hair extensions, made DIY-style in her kitchen. Before long, Julien was testing out the versatility of his new hair, asking Jenna for an "Ari pony" in his own signature neon color. The whole time Jenna put together the ponytail, Julien looked PUMPED for the look.

As soon as the high ponytail was in place, Julien was feeling himself. He was serving face, body and, of course, hair.

Naturally, Julien grabbed his microphone hair brush and belted out Ariana's "no tears left to cry," which just took home Best Pop at the 2018 VMAs. There may have been a slight casualty when Julien hair flipped and his glasses flew off and broke, but he had no tears to cry about the accident.

Though the color and facial hair may have thrown off the illusion, there's no denying that it was a true high ponytail and Julien rocked the hell out of it.

From now on, I'll only be referring to Julien Somolita as Ariana Somolita. Yes, it's true: Ariana IS quaking.

As much as fans loved Julien's Ariana impersonation, one viewer couldn't help but spot a similarity between Julien and another icon: Beyoncé. Maybe Beyoncé Solomita is next?

Catch Jenna Marble's full hair makeover for Julien below, before she finds a new hairstyle to give herself, Julien or all three of their dogs.