"Body Count" Is My New Feminist Anthem From Jessie Reyez, Normani and Kehlani

Three confident women, one empowering track

Jessie Reyez gifted the world with "Body Count" on May 4, but she's re-gifting the track with a woman-only remix days after her incredible VMAs performance on the PUSH Artist Stage. Now, with Normani and Kehlani hopping on the track, its feminist message is stronger than ever.

The theme of "Body Count" is explicitly clear: no one should be judged by how many people they are or have been intimate with. Our bodies, our choice, and as Jessie sings in both the original and the remix, "We gon' love who we wanna love."

Normani demands respect for women on her verse, instantly giving fans a rallying cry they'll always attribute to Normani (2018).

But "Body Count" is just as much about independence as it is about sexual liberation, with Normani suggesting that just because you're hooking up, that doesn't mean you have to date -- and fans felt that, too.

Jessie's most iconic line on the original "Body Count" was undoubtedly "I dodge d*ck on the daily," and Kehlani brings a new perspective to the lyric as an out queer artist. Fans were GAGGED that she went there, but we stan.

Kehlani also tears apart the senseless expectation that men should have high body counts while a woman's should be low, which fans applauded on Twitter.

Most important, it's so refreshing to see three confident women come together with one cohesive, empowering message. Jessie, Normani and Kehlani celebrated the release together with the most uplifting messages, making "Body Count" a feminist anthem all-around.

Hear the "Body Count" remix with Normani and Kehlani and all of their fire lyrics below!