Meet The Little Monster Behind This Iconic Lady Gaga Lipsync And Goodbye Message

"I love you, bye! Grant, Allie, Jack, Zach and Bri, I love you!"

On first watch, it's hard to tell why an excited boy is saying goodbye to so many people in a 20-second video clip. All Twitter knew was that this clip was funny, relatable and easily meme-able.

The video went viral over the weekend with the caption "Me getting out of an Uber pool," with over 5,000 retweets and 19,000 likes. The internet wasn't sure who the boy in question was, but they instantly loved him, his happiness and his video.

In the replies to the viral tweet, Staten made himself known. He's 11 years old and he's one of the biggest Little Monsters in the world.

The fact that Staten is a Little Monster really doesn't come as a surprise. In the 20-second clip, Staten (pronounced with the same "A" as in "grape," as his Twitter cover photo explains) makes reference to Lady Gaga's signature "put your paws up" catchphrase.

“I love you, bye! Grant, Allie, Jack, Zach and Bri, I love you! Put those paws up high! Peace out, babies! I love you! Love beats hate and be kind to one another and be kind to yourself! Bye!”

Staten's pinned tweet is currently the full video from which the viral clip was taken. It's two minutes and twenty seconds long and shows Staten lipsyncing to "Telephone" by Gaga and Beyoncé. He knows his lyrics, choreography and he ad-libs with some stellar pump-up phrases to excite the viewers.

Even after the amazing experience of watching Staten's original video, it still wasn't clear who he was saying goodbye to and why. In a direct message to TRL on Twitter, he explains: "Just some Little Monster Friends that asked me to mention them through Direct Message."

Looking at Staten's presence on Twitter, his positivity and love flies off the screen. He's been a Little Monster for two years, saying that Gaga has touched his heart and serves as his inspiration.

"She inspires me to always be myself, be kind to myself and others, and to always stay positive, and always love no matter who or what you love that love is truly love," Staten told TRL. "And she inspires me to be strong and stay strong no matter what life throws at you!!!!. My paws will always be up FOREVER! Love Always Beats Hate!!"

As Staten's video went viral, Twitter responded in a uniquely wholesome way. They could feel Staten's positivity and wanted nothing but the best for him.

In addition to people calling Staten adorable and pure, plenty of folks put their own relatable captions on the 20-second clip. One person compared Staten to Harry Styles, who always ended his solo tour concerts by thanking his crew and his fans.

Staten is living for the responses to his video, telling TRL that he's "been very pleased with all of the comments. They have made me feel very very happy."

For new fans of Staten, they've got a lot to look forward to. This wasn't his first lipsyncing video and it won't be his last, either.

"I have posted 4! I plan on doing a video once a week. And Only Lady Gaga songs."