Do You Know These 9 Lesser-Known Nicknames For Pop Icons?

Who’s the Pint-Sized Princess? The President of Pop?

There’s only so many undisputed royal nicknames in the music industry. Michael Jackson is the King of the Pop. Aretha Franklin is the Queen of Soul. Don’t argue with me.

While stans today use "king" and "queen" for their faves of all genders, there's a long history of fans and the media coming up with nicknames for pop stars with little to no written explanations why. Of the countless lesser-known titles compiled in a Wikipedia article about so-called “honorific titles,” these are the most extra.

Taylor Swift: America’s Sweetheart

Considering Taylor was just sixteen years old when her debut studio album dropped, it's not surprising that the once-country singer quickly adopted the term "sweetheart." The Times called her "America's Sweetheart" back in 2010 before the title came into question during her Reputation era.

Tove Lo: Dark-pop Queen

Though she's not a long-time chart-topper, Apple Music still bestowed the title of "Sweden's dark pop queen" on Tove Lo when she released her BLUE LIPS [lady wood phase II] EP in 2017.

Justin Timberlake: President of Pop

While "king of pop" is reserved for Michael Jackson, the presidency is all Justin's, according to available for Justin, according to BroadwayWorld. He even met President Obama in 2013 at a performance at the White House!

Shakira: Queen of the World Cup

After scoring the World Cup anthem in 2010 with "Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)," Vogue Italia wasted no time before calling her "queen of the World Cup."

Hayley Kiyoko: Lesbian Jesus

What began as a fandom joke has become a media-endorsed title: Hayley Kiyoko is consistently referred to as "lesbian Jesus," and she's fully embraced the nickname.

Kylie Minogue: Pint-sized Pop Princess

Nobody can agree on just one princess of pop, so tabloids keep referring to Kylie as a "pint-sized popster" or "pint-sized princess;" she's reportedly five foot, zero inches tall.

Usher: Mr. Entertainment

No fan involvement here -- Usher allegedly named himself Mr. Entertainment during his childhood, but he's certainly lived up to the nickname throughout his career.

Cher: Queen of Reinvention

Whether she's called "queen of reinvention" or "queen of comebacks," it's astonishing that Cher has lived through so many of her own eras. Cher's upcoming Dancing Queen release will be her twenty-sixth studio album.

Selena Quintanilla, Ofra Haza, Brenda Fassie: The Madonnas

With most people agreeing that Madonna has "queen of pop" on lock, plenty of other pop stars have been given modified Madonna names themselves. Selena is called the "Tejano Madonna," Ofra Haza the "Israeli Madonna" and Brenda Fassie the "Black Madonna."