A Ranking Of The Inexplicably Strange 'Johny Johny Yes Papa' Characters

Nothing but respect for my BillionSurpriseToys characters.

The feeling of "telling lies" is in the air after a cartoon series, nicknamed Johny Johny Yes Papa by the internet, has taken Twitter by storm with its borderline-creepy characters and confusing storylines.

In many episodes, a five-year-old boy named Johny is joined by his family and their refrigerator while they all lie about what they're eating (in song form, naturally). There's an original tie to a nursery rhyme where a kid named Johnny lies about eating sugar, which has been turned into a meme on YouTube in the last decade. It appears that the YouTube channel BillionSurpriseToys took this nursery rhyme and used it as inspiration for an entire library of animated content meant for kids.

While recent investigations in Mashable and The Daily Dot have explained much of the mystery about Johny Johny Yes Papa, there's an important question that's yet to be answered: who are all these weird characters next to Johny -- and should we stan? Below is a ranking of the most prevalent Johny Johny Yes Papa characters, in order from worst to best.

Ice Cream Man

The sentient ice cream cone with sweatpants is not a good character. He's essentially a cannibal, betraying his own kind with the ice cream he serves. Plus, the internet is alarmed by the end of the "Go to School" video when Ice Cream Man is under the covers in Johny's bed.


There's no beating around the bush: Johny's grandfather is a snitch. Immediately after Johny and Papa catch him eating sweets in the "Family Indoor Play" video, Grandpa teams up with his granddaughter, Chiya, to harass Grandma for eating ice cream. You can't have it both ways, Grandpa!


For nearly three minutes in the "Kids Playing With Fridge" video, Refrigerator gets away with lying about its contents to all of the members of the family. While it's possible that the fridge has no idea what's inside of it, it seems like Refrigerator gets a kick out of misleading its users. Is that what we're teaching the children?


In fact, we meet the person responsible for actually teaching Johny. Her primary lesson? Obey your father, obey your mother. It's not necessarily a bad lesson, but the vocabulary is a little intense for a class full of five year olds who wind up chanting "obey, obey" in their classroom.


Only an absolute savage could get away eating a four-scoop ice cream cone that's been magically pre-made in the freezer (it's disconnected from the vibrant pink Refrigerator). That savage is Grandma, and like all characters in this saga, she's telling lies when confronted by her own family members.


Johny's mom is a classically under-developed female character, always in the background when Papa is scolding the kids. Even still, Mommy delivers one of the biggest plot-twists in the "Yes Mommy Song" video, when she asks Johny if he wants to play and then lets him go outside. It's a big difference from the usual bossing around by Papa and Mommy.


As Johny's twin sister, Dolly gets a lot of attention. There's a three-minute video within one episode about Dolly's trip to the doctor after waking up with a fever. That's one of the most cohesive storylines of the series, bringing a lot of representation to who might be the series' only ginger character.


Johny's other apparent sister doesn't get nearly enough attention, despite her hair growth from bald to short hair throughout the series. Chiya is clearly a part of the family -- she's in the green shirt below -- but she's often erased from the family. Chiya isn't even listed within BillionSurpriseToy's character bios! #JusticeForChiya.


It might be an unpopular opinion to rank Papa as the second-best Johny Johny Yes Papa character, but there's no "telling lies" drama without Papa's accusations. Not only is he the driver of nearly every story, but he's become the talk of the town after Jezebel asked an essential life question: would you hook up with Yes Papa?


The boy, the myth, the legend: Johny reigns supreme. Whether he's eating sugar, going to school or turning into a bus, Johny can do it all. He's the original scammer, he invented lies and he's the glue that makes the family stick together. There is no Johny Johny Yes Papa without its title character. Case closed.