This Fan Screamed "All Too Well" So Loud That Taylor Swift Lost It


Taylor Swift fans always knew that "All Too Well" off her album Red held a special place in her heart. The meaning of that song, however, has forever changed after a series of events at an intimate Taylor Swift NOW event in Chicago.

Before Taylor sang the ballad, which she called "the hardest to write on the album" on Good Morning America, she explained how the song has gotten easier to sing over time. Hearing how much "All Too Well" resonated with her fans was enough to make the pain of singing it go away.

Most significant, Taylor credited the live reactions she gets to "All Too Well" with what's made it easier to sing: “I play it and I think of the times I’ve played it in a stadium or an arena or my living room with you guys screaming the words back to me.”

Just minutes after hearing how those kinds of reactions help Taylor, one fan took matters into her own hands. Tony, a Taylor fan who attended the event, scream-sang the bridge of "All Too Now" at the top of her lungs and attracted the attentions of everyone in the room -- including Taylor.

The camera focuses in on Tony passionately singing "all, all, all," holding out the last "all" longer than anyone else. The audience and Taylor laughed at the extra-ness of it all, especially after hearing Taylor acknowledge her screaming fans just prior.

Taylor still got in a quiet "so well" before smiling and shaking her head throughout the piano break.

Fans watching the moment on Taylor Swift NOW reacted right away and sent nothing but respect to the one who made it all happen.

Catch the full moment of Tony's scream-singing and Taylor's laugh below.