I'm A R3HAB And Sofia Carson Shipper After Watching The "Rumors" Music Video

I spy a spark

I'd like to report R3HAB and Sofia Carson to the pop music authorities for teasing the hell out of fans with the flirtatious tension in their new "Rumors" music video.

On the collaborative single that dropped a week ago, Sofia sings about the bad reputation of the guy she's dating. Those "Rumors" turn out to be about R3HAB himself, at least in the music video, but the two of them look incredibly good together.

Sparks literally fly as R3HAB and Sofia spin in each other's arms in what looks like some pretty dope dates. Baby, there are fireworks.

Last I checked, R3HAB and Sofia aren't a legit couple. But if you showed me this and told me they were, I'd totally believe you.

See the full, flirty video for R3HAB and Sofia's already-catchy "Rumors" below!