The Internet Has Decided That Every Track On 'Bloom' By Troye Sivan Is A Masterpiece

Bop after bop after bop

It doesn't matter how long Troye Sivan's promotional period for Bloom was; his fandom was not prepared for the perfection of his second studio album.

Though Troye already gifted the world with five of Bloom's ten tracks before its official release today, listening to the album in full is a requirement. Twitter took that responsibility seriously, and wasted no time sharing their thoughts on each and every track.


To open Bloom, Troye travels back six years in time to reflect on age 17. His romantic and sexual exploration resonated with many of his fans — and they'll never get over it.

"My My My!"

Troye began this era by debuting "My My My!" as his lead single on Saturday Night Live in January. After all this time, it still slaps.

"The Good Side"

All the attention around "My My My!" overshadowed the other song from his SNL performance: "The Good Side." Now that stans are listening to Bloom in full, they won't sleep on it any longer.


It's pure pop magic that allows Troye to turn a song about his first time into a catchy anthem on the radio. TRL explained how we know the true meaning of "Bloom" on Behind the Bop back in May.

"Postcard" featuring Gordi

Troye's stans love and respect all Bloom tracks, but many aren't afraid to admit that the deeply personal  "Postcard" is their fave.

"Dance To This" featuring Ariana Grande

Listening to friends collab on a song together? That's priceless. TRL went behind-the-scenes of Troye and Ariana's long-term friendship during Behind the Bop in June.


Move over, peaches. Plums are the new queer fruit and Troye's fans can't even type straight after hearing him sing "even the sweetest plum has only got so long."

"What A Heavenly Way To Die"

Even before hearing the eighth on Bloom, fans knew it'd be about his boyfriend Jacob Bixenman, but their theory about Jacob strangling Troye may have been a little out there.

"Lucky Strike"

A family that listens to Troye together stans together. Maybe taste is genetic, because this family's all-in on "Lucky Strike."


It's already been decided that Troye's love song for Jacob, "Animal," might just be the best love song ever written.

That makes ten critically-aclaimed tracks, if Twitter has any say. Every song on Bloom is the best song and that's that on that.