Why Don't We Fans Are Prouder Than Ever After The Band's Debut Album '8 Letters' Release

Limelights everywhere: #8LettersOutNow!!!

After two years of music, touring and a lot of waiting, Why Don't We fans have something to celebrate about. 8 Letters, the band's debut album, has arrived and it's been hanging around the top of the charts since midnight.

Limelights, as Why Don't We fans call themselves, should be commended for their patience. But now that 8 Letters is here, Limelights have been looking back at the two-year journey to this point.

For many, it's been an emotional day thinking about everything they've achieved with Why Don't We since the band's inception in 2016.

8 Letters' release marks a new beginning for Why Don't We. As great as every EP was, this is the most official start yet.

Make no mistake, Why Don't We fans will be streaming the hell out of 8 Letters for much longer than the two years they waited for it. This album goes off!

Most of all, Limelights are so proud that the guys even got to the point of releasing a debut album. Hitting number one on iTunes charts in countries around the world doesn't hurt, either.

Keep celebrating the #8LettersOutNow release day, because before you know it, Why Don't We could be at the top of Billboard charts.