In Real Life's Vocals Go Off On Their New Single "Got Me Good"

Going ✈️ top of the charts

Pull out your In Real Life stan card, because it's time to renew after hearing the perfection of the group's new single, "Got Me Good."

"Got Me Good," released last night, immediately brings to mind the classic boy band sound, something In Real Life has mastered in the year since their inception. Chance Perez dazzles with his vocal range on the song's chorus, but it's all the guys' complimentary vocals that make "Got Me Good" just so good.

In Real Life fans, also known as the LifeLines, have been shook over all those vocals, more than any other IRL song they've heard before.

It won't be long before LifeLines are calling every radio station requesting "Got Me Good," especially since one fan declared "I love this song more than I love myself."

The lyrics of the chorus are an instantly catchy phrase, something the guys themselves knew and tweeted out weeks before "Got Me Good" even dropped.

The time to stan In Real Life is now, because they could be going ✈️ top of the charts with "Got Me Good." Listen to the song that's got LifeLines obsessed below.