Let's Discuss The 10 Glorious Seconds It Took Shawn Mendes To Take His Shirt Off

Shirt: 1, Shawn: 0

Tell a Shawn Mendes fan that there's a video of him taking his shirt off and they'll probably get excited... but that's not exactly the narrative from his performance last night at the NFL Kickoff concert.

Between singing "Nervous" and "Where Were You In The Morning?" on stage in Philadelphia, Shawn swapped guitars with someone in the crew, but when it came time to give that crew member his shirt, there was an unexpected hiccup. The fabric, like most humans would, refused to let go of his arms.

Fans watching the awkward encounter immediately reacted on Twitter, even comparing Shawn's shirt removal technique to a penguin's waddle.

Sure, Shawn sounded great for his whole 30-minute set, but like one fan mentioned, these ten seconds were the true show.

Shawn spotted all the jokes on Twitter and admitted, yes, it really was a difficult feat to take off his shirt!

English singer-songwriter Anne-Marie blamed the struggle on Shawn being "hench," a word I'll admit I had to look up. Unsurprisingly, it's British slang used to describe a muscular guy.

Good luck with all your future hench endeavors (and shirt removals), Shawn!