Why Don't We Return To 'TRL' Fresh Off Their '8 Letters' Album Release

Plus, a top-tier performance

After a few weeks off, TRL returned this morning with an episode dedicated to Why Don't We's album release after 8 Letters dropped a week ago.

The boys sat down with host Sway Calloway to chat about 8 Letters, clarifying which song on the album was their fave after posting a confusing video of them all saying their top tracks... at the same time. The verdict's in, though: Daniel chose "Friends," Corbyn chose "In Too Deep," Jonah chose "Hard," Zach chose "Choose," and Jack chose "Falling." Oh, and Sway chose "Talk," so that's six of the eight tracks covered!

No love was lost on the title track, "8 Letters," as Why Don't We gave a top-tier performance that was totally reminiscent of the time-freezing music video. Their vocals and harmonies were on point and fans sang along with every word. Check out their decked-out performance of "8 Letters" below! TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.