Lauren Jauregui and Billie Eilish Are The Friendship I Never Knew I Needed

Cute and creepy realness!

Take a first look at the photos of Lauren Jauregui and Billie Eilish hanging out during New York Fashion Week and everything looks normal. Lauren looks like a big sister of sorts to 16-year-old Billie.

That is, until you see the cute and creepy side of Billie come out in a fourth picture that is now legendary. Everything about this photo is iconic: nearly everyone else is sitting down, Lauren and Billie's styles couldn't be further apart and they're serving wildly different poses.

Dig deeper and you'll see this was just one part of a fun night at The Yellow Ball At Brooklyn Museum, hosted by Pharrell Williams. Lauren and Billie spent a good part of the evening together, as documented on both of their Instagram stories.

Billie really couldn't blend into the museum's exhibits, as she stepped right into the frame as Lauren recorded.

Lauren's booty had a special appearance on Billie's story with a shoutout that tons of fans appreciated. Don't worry, Lauren seemed chill with the booty shot as she reposted the story on her own account.

They even danced together throughout the night, serving enough tongue-out selfie realness to last a lifetime.

Fans of Lauren and Billie who've been waiting for a meetup like this were thrilled by nearly every moment, tweeting their reactions as more Instagram stories popped up.

I'll be hoping for more of my faves to hang together during New York Fashion Week, but I'll be obsessing over Lauren and Billie in the meantime.