You Have Two New Shows To Watch After Olivia Culpo And Elizabeth Lail Dropped By 'TRL'

Reality or drama... why not both?!

If I wasn't already set on watching Olivia Culpo and Elizabeth Lail's new shows this fall, I'm convinced to add these to all my watch lists after they both stopped by the TRL set in Times Square this morning.

First up, Olivia spilled all the details about Model Squad, the supermodel docu-series that recently premiered on E! Sure, the stories might be about some of the most successful models in the industry, but Olivia makes clear that there's no cattiness on this show. There might be drama here and there, but it's mostly all love between the strong women on Model Squad.

Next, Elizabeth came through to discuss her dark new Lifetime series You. It might be a bit more serious than Model Squad's runway glamour, but that didn't stop TRL host Sway Calloway from having fun with Elizabeth, challenging her to separate fact from fiction when presented with real and fake Lifetime movie storylines. See if you can beat Elizabeth's impressive performance below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.