Ashlee Simpson, Evan Ross and Finn Jones Spilled A Lot More Than I Expected On 'TRL'

I've got a LOT to discuss

There's a cleanup needed in the TRL studio after all the gossip that Ashlee Simpson, Evan Ross and Finn Jones spilled this morning.

Fresh off their premiere of Ashlee + Evan on E!, Ashlee and Evan got back together with friend and TRL host Sway Calloway to catch up. Sway took a deep dive into their Instas for Raid the Grams, getting the couple to share stories behind some of the cutest photos. Ashlee and Evan even looked back at their first kiss and Evan's close relationship with Michael Jackson and his family.

Next up, Finn Jones celebrated the release of Iron Fist season two on Netflix, giving Sway the low down of what to expect this time around. Finn cleared up how he sorta, kinda accidentally sent his co-star Alice Eve to the hospital while filming season two, but that doesn't mean he's taking the blame for it. See Finn spill all those details before giving his, uhhh, candid opinion of Drake before watching his music video. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.