Lennon Stella Dropped "Bad" And It Deserves Your Undivided Attention

"Lennon Stella is coming to save pop music"

Preparing to drop the first music video of her solo career, Lennon Stella set high expectations. With the instantly-catchy single "Bad," FINALLY out now, the rising queen is delivering.

Pop music stans had reason to believe Lennon would impress. She appeared on Nashville for years with her sister, Maisy Stella, and dropped "Bad" as a demo in July after being signed to RECORDS & Columbia Records. With the song's official release last night, Lennon already has fans vouching for her.

Along with the single drop, Lennon released the "Bad" music video, which reflects the song's storyline of an unfaithful boyfriend. She wishes that he would've treated her "bad, bad, bad," so that the breakup wouldn't leave her "twice as sad." But seeing how much Lennon thrives in the video, it's clear that boyfriend is missing out.

Just an hour after the video went live, fans on YouTube cherished this moment Lennon gets huge.

Don't be late to the Lennon Stella is Famous party. Watch the video for "Bad" and obsess over how much it bops below.