Dua Lipa's Fans Fully Support Her Becoming A Mukbang YouTuber

Trisha Paytas is shaking

Look out, mukbangers: Dua Lipa along with close friend and photographer Pixie Levinson are coming for your job.

While traveling on tour in Taipei, Dua and Pixie didn't just document the chocolate dumplings they got -- they recorded the exact moment they stuffed their faces in, classic mukbang style.

It's totally possible you're thinking "mukbang, what's that?" Don't worry, I got you: translated from Korean to "eating broadcast" in English, mukbang is a genre of online videos in which people eat on camera for a variety of purposes. Some viewers enjoy mukbangs where the YouTuber talks to feel like they've got a companion when they're eating, while others watch mukbangs in a more traditional ASMR sense (here's more info on ASMR, too).

As mukbang gains more and more traction outside of South Korea, it's gotten mainstream attention to the point where even Dua and Pixie know about it. Though their 20-second video missed many features of a true mukbang (quiet surroundings, a good microphone), Dua and Pixie shook fans just by knowing what a mukbang is.

Multiple fans brought up Trisha Paytas, a popular American YouTuber who regularly uploads mukbang videos on her channel.

Most overwhelmingly, fans recognized the need for Dua and Pixie to become international mukbangers while on tour, trying cuisine from all over the world.

Dua probably doesn't have time to become a full-on mukbang YouTuber, but the world's hoping from more food content from her and I bet she'll deliver.