Busta Rhymes Rolled Through With The Conglomerate To 'TRL'

Plus, Busta reveals more about his upcoming album

Busta Rhymes couldn't return to TRL alone this time around, so he recruited some of his Conglomerate artists to drop by, too.

But first, Busta sat down solo with host Sway Calloway to catch up on his latest project, a yet-to-be released album that's already been hyped by his peers in the industry. While Busta is proud of his past work -- he didn't hesitate to recognize the 20 year anniversary of E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event) -- it's the attention to detail and cohesion of his new work that Busta's most excited to share.

Busta wasn't just ready to talk about his own work, though; he came by to show off the family of artists he's put together on his Conglomerate label, including Murda Mook, Prayah, Trillian and J-Doe and Aaron Cooks. Sway got to know each of the five artists better, before they all passed the mic in a Conglomerate takeover of Breakfast Bars. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.