Dinah Jane's References To Fifth Harmony Hits On "Bottled Up" Have Me Crying

"Work from home, but he gon' stay up with me"

All the Fifth Harmony girls have come out of the gate swinging with their solo debuts, but none as sentimental as Dinah Jane, who just released her first single "Bottled Up," which features Ty Dolla $ign and Marc E. Bassy.

Dinah's solo debut makes explicitly clear references to some of Fifth Harmony's biggest hits in the wake of the group's hiatus; it's a tribute of sorts to the place where everything started. Twice during the song, Dinah shouts out "Work From Home," an extra-special song since it, too, features Ty Dolla $ign.

I'm a bad chick, I need a bad one with me
Work from home, but he gon' stay up with me

In fact, Dinah's the woman responsible for getting Ty on that track in the first place. In an interview with Music Choice, Dinah told the story behind that collaboration: “We were trying to find who would be a good feature to feature onto ‘Work From Home,’ and I was like, ‘Ty’s totally got to get on this.’ And boom, they listened to me."

"Worth It," Fifth Harmony's second biggest hit, gets love from Dinah during the song's third verse.

But he putting in the work
Let me feel if this is worth it

This isn't just fan speculation; Dinah confirmed the purposeful shoutouts during the Music Choice interview, saying, "there's a 'Work From Home' reference in there, 'Worth It;' I just wanted to play around with it and be a little cute."

All this love for Fifth Harmony, and the support that Dinah has gotten from group-mate Lauren Jauregui, is hitting me and the rest of the 5H fandom right in the feels.

Of course, "Bottled Up" isn't just a hit for its Fifth Harmony references. With the powers of Dinah Jane, Ty Dolla $ign and Marc E. Bassy combined, hear how much this track really goes off below.