All Of Stan Twitter's Favorite Moments Are Now Memojis

Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and Rihanna make perfect Memojis

Not even a full week after the release of Apple's iOS 12, the smartest amongst us have found an amazing purpose for Memojis, the 3-D, custom emojis available on iPhone X and later.

Just like with Apple's Animoji feature, users can make their Memojis move with every slight twitch of the face. That's opened up the possibility for iPhone users to create Memojis based off celebrities, then make their mouths move in sync with their most iconic moments, from viral breakdowns and rants to overall shade-throwing. Though great Memoji videos keep on coming, these are the best so far.

Nicki Minaj: "To Freedom!!!"

I never thought Harriet Tubman was walking around with a nice, shiny dress on when she was taking slaves to freedom after Nicki proclaimed so on Queen Radio, but I reeeally don't think that after seeing Nicki say it as a Memoji.

Tyra Banks: "I was rooting for you"

Tyra definitely has some regrets about yelling at model Tiffany Richardson on America's Next Top Model, but that didn't stop people from loving the moment in Memoji-form.

Lady Gaga: A Star Is Born

Gaga stans are hard at work promoting her upcoming film A Star Is Born, so much so that there's a Memoji clip of Bradley Cooper's character talking to Gaga's from the movie's trailer.

Rihanna: "Who sent you?!"

As Rihanna fans continue to ask the star for new music, they're obsessing over an interview in which Rihanna asks "who sent you?!" after the reporter said the Navy needs new music.

Wendy Williams fainting on live television

It's still scary watching Wendy faint on her television show after overheating in a Halloween costume, but KingOsah nailed her face right before falling out of frame, just as he's nailed all the Memojis on his Instagram.

Beyoncé on Farrah Franklin's exit from Destiny's Child

Right before Farrah Franklin was fired from Destiny's Child, Beyoncé did her best to send Farrah home without her luggage. Now, the moment lives on forever in Memoji form.

The Memoji trend is still in its early phases, so look out for more iconic moments to be remade Memoji-style soon.