Ruel And Macy Gray Brought Just What I Needed To 'TRL' This Morning

One timeless legend, one rising star

This Tuesday may have felt like just another Monday, until Ruel and Macy Gray joined host Sway Calloway in TRL's Times Square studio to brighten up the morning.

Up first, Macy Gray revealed how her song "Sugar Daddy" came to be, writing together with star-in-her-own-right Meghan Trainor. Though Macy knew all about Meghan and her reputation for successful songwriting, the two had never met previously until their writing session for the track. Macy also told Sway how her tenth studio album, Ruby, exists with the need to address today's current political climate head-on.

Next, Ruel did double duty on TRL this morning, sitting down with Sway before an incredible performance to get the day started. Endorsed by the legendary Elton John, the 15-year-old spoke about what that kind of encouragement means before listing off his other favorite artists and dream collaborators, including Frank Ocean and Childish Gambino.

Taking over the TRL studio, Ruel stopped everyone in their tracks with his spot-on vocals while performing his current single, "Younger." After hearing the perfection from such a stripped-down performance, it's no surprise that Ruel's got people like Elton behind him. Watch Ruel kill it with "Younger" below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.