Meet The Bonfyre, Who Just Slayed Her Debut 'TRL' Performance

I'm keeping "Ready for Love" on repeat

Some mornings, the best part of tuning into TRL isn't just about watching your forever faves. It's about discovering new faves, too, like today's vocal powerhouse guest, The Bonfyre.

Sitting down with host Sway Calloway, The Bonfyre explained the reason behind her name. When first asked about how she'd like her music to sound, she described it like friends around a bonfire, where there's always “good times, good energy, good vibes.” It makes a lot of sense, really, and The Bonfyre has a come-up story that makes for perfect inspiration.

Before she left, The Bonfyre showed off why she's on the road to fame with a voice that captivated everyone from the Times Square studio. Performing "Ready to Love," The Bonfyre  brought her name to life; not only were her vocals on fire, but it's got just the right amount of chill for, well, a bonfire! Hear The Bonfyre sing her heart out on "Ready to Love" below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.