Wale Spills All His Thoughts On BTS, Rap Monster and ARMY On 'TRL'

Wale addresses Kylie Jenner and her cereal, too

Wale might say he's "not exactly a media darling," but that didn't keep him from giving hot take after hot take from TRL's Times Square studio this morning.

With hundreds of features under his belt, Wale has plenty of artists he could talk about, but BTS came to mind first when chatting with TRL host Sway Calloway. After his collaboration with BTS last year, Wale is good friends with Rap Monster, who he predicts could one day be amongst the greatest songwriters and producers in the industry. Wale's proud to have been embraced by ARMY, the BTS fanbase who he says welcomed him with open arms.

Set to give his honest opinions during a game called 2-Minute Drill, Wale didn't disappoint, addressing Kylie Jenner's first taste of cereal with milk and reports that Maroon 5 could headline next year's Super Bowl halftime show. He wasn't inclined to support all the goings-on of pop culture, though, so watch below to hear Wale's side of things. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.