PRETTYMUCH Stans Celebrate The Start Of #SolitaSZN On Twitter

The BEANZ: Autumn who?!

Temperatures are dropping, rain has been falling and pumpkin spice is in the air, but autumn isn't the only season we're living through. With the release of "Solita" by PRETTYMUCH featuring Rich the Kid, #SolitaSZN is underway, too.

In the days leading up to "Solita," the BEANZ knew deep down that it was bound to be a banger. Knowing that this could be the single to take the boys' fame to new levels, they're promoting "Solita" with a season of its own.

Most #SolitaSZN tweets before the song's release came with selfies of the BEANZ, showing off how excited they were for the single to drop.

That excitement only grew stronger in the hours and minutes before midnight, as BEANZ posted videos hyping the fanbase up for the release.

Once "Solita" dropped, anticipation tweets turned into reaction videos from the BEANZ, almost instantly learning the lyrics and creating choreography for their new favorite bop.

And for those fans that post a video of themselves for #SolitaSZN, plenty had reaction videos ready to go with "Solita" playing as the audio.

Cutest of all, one PRETTYMUCH stan tweeted a video of her and her brother flawlessly dancing to "Solita," even attracting a response from the main PRETTYMUCH group account.

As exciting as release day has been, the BEANZ know that #SolitaSZN is only beginning, with plenty more bopping to come.