Lil Mama And Brynn Elliott Proved They're Two Intellectuals On 'TRL'

I stan two impressive women

Two geniuses came by TRL this morning, as Lil Mama and Brynn Elliott showed off their intelligence from our Times Square studio.

First up, TRL host Sway Calloway put Lil Mama's "Shoe Game" single to the test by having her weigh in on daring fashion footwear choices by other famous musicians. To Sway's surprise, Lil Mama took her duty seriously, carefully critiquing Nick Cannon, DJ Khaled and Cardi B with an industry-level knowledge of their shoes.

Following Lil Mama, singer Brynn Elliott explained her impressive résumé, launching her music career while a student at Harvard University. It certainly doesn't hurt that Brynn's name is actually the result of an episode of TRL that her mom watched back in the day--it's a story you have to hear to believe.

Brynn further showed off her brain within the lyrics of her song "Might Not Like Me," a female empowerment-fueled song on which she sings about love interests being intimidated by her intelligence. Considering Brynn majored in philosophy at Harvard, it's no surprise she's tackling such a personal subject. Hear Brynn's impressive performance on TRL below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.