Sofia Carson And R3HAB Went Behind The Scenes Of "Rumors" On 'TRL'

Plus, an intimate "Rumors" performance

If there were any rumors about how Sofia Carson and R3HAB teamed up on "Rumors," they set the record straight on TRL this morning.

Sitting down first with TRL host Sway Calloway, Sofia shared how she's using her platform to fight for women's causes, a lifelong mission of hers. From amplifying and praising Hayley Kiyoko's vulnerability on social media about self confidence to volunteering in Kenya with We Movement to expand girl's access to education, Sofia is setting an example for all of us.

Shortly after, R3HAB joined Sofia in our Times Square studio to explain how "Rumors" came to be, revealing that they met at the start of their 24-hour music video shoot in Italy. With only one day available for Sofia and R3HAB to film the video together, both of them committed fully to the vision, looking like they'd known each other for ages as they cozied up next to each other.

With all the facts of "Rumors" settled, Sofia and R3HAB turned the TRL studio into a dance pop wonderland. As much as I already loved this track from R3HAB's new album, The Wave, a live performance just made it that much better. Check out the duo close out the morning with "Rumors" below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.