October 3rd On 'TRL,' Jonathan Bennett And Lauv Knew Exactly What Day It Was

Plus, why did Lauv drink blue milk?

On October 3, Lauv and Jonathan Bennett didn't ask what day it was -- because they knew they were celebrating Mean Girls Day on TRL.

First things first, the one and only Lauv (MTV's PUSH artist for October!) told TRL host Sway Calloway why his recent collaborator Julia Michaels is anything but a mean girl, even though he DID wind up crying with her during their first writing session together. That emotional moment eventually turned into his latest single "There's No Way," which features Julia as both songwriter and vocalist.

Though the color of the day might be pink, Lauv's all-in on the color blue, vowing to drink blue milk once he hit 300,000 followers on Instagram. Now that the lactose-intolerant singer passed that milestone, Sway made Lauv play Guess Blue? to determine whether he'd drink just a glass of blue milk or an entire, stomach-churning gallon.

Next up, the real-life Aaron Samuels, Jonathan Bennett, sat down with Sway and wished every Mean Girls fan a happy October 3rd! Jonathan just published The Burn Cookbook, complete with recipes inspired by Mean Girls itself, serving as the perfect way for fans to celebrate their love for the film. Hear Jonathan explain why The Burn Cookbook is an October 3rd essential below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.