This Exclusive Trailer For Netflix's 'Westside' Just Gave Me 9 New Singers To Stan

I'm already streaming "We Are The Ones"

The trailer for Netflix's upcoming unscripted docuseries Westside premiered on TRL this morning and I'm already getting hype for all the music and drama that's about to go down.

Dropping on Netflix on November 9, Westside features nine up-and-coming singers in Hollywood working with each other to jumpstart their careers, writing and recording music together in the process. From the looks of this trailer, there's a lot of tears to be expected. Personalities will clash, egos will rise and pressure will build as all nine singers do anything they can to succeed.

But beyond the drama, there's sure to be no shortage of bops in Westside, with the trailer even teasing the show's accompanying album, Westside: The Music. From the sound of "We Are The Ones," which plays during the trailer, these superstars on the rise aren’t messing around. Check out all that Westside has to offer in its trailer below before it hits Netflix next month.